3mtr long wire silicon tracer

3-meter Silicon Rubber Tracer, an exemplary heating solution that seamlessly combines advanced technology with flexibility and reliability. Constructed with top-tier silicon rubber, this heater exhibits unparalleled heat conduction properties. Its extruded rubber design not only enhances durability but also guarantees consistent performance over an extended period. Flexibility is a hallmark of this tracer. Its pliable composition ensures effortless adaptation to diverse surfaces and shapes, guaranteeing uniform heat distribution across a variety of applications. At a width of 25mm, this heater strikes an ideal balance between compactness and efficient heat coverage. This thoughtfully engineered design optimizes energy utilization, making it an environmentally conscious choice. Spanning a length of 3 meters, this tracer offers ample reach, catering to a broad spectrum of scenarios. Its versatile length grants flexibility in installation, whether for industrial applications or specialized projects. Designed for a voltage of 220VAC, this heater seamlessly integrates into standard electrical setups, ensuring a hassle-free and rapid installation process. Generating 240 watts of heating power, this heater excels in delivering unwavering and dependable heat. Whether utilized for industrial processes or heating applications, its performance remains consistently impressive. Brought to you by BEECO, a distinguished name in heating solutions, this tracer carries the assurance of quality and dependability. BEECO's expertise guarantees that this heater aligns with the highest standards of performance and durability. To encapsulate, the 3-meter Silicon Rubber Tracer stands as a testament to ingenuity and practicality. With its extruded rubber composition, flexible structure, and the reputable craftsmanship of BEECO, it stands as the ultimate choice for all your heating necessities.

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