Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Beeco , is manufacturer producing , all range of heating element , packaging machine , wide range of thermal and proximity sensor . & providing a number of electronic products , on very economical price and quality.
Ans : I case you have questions about a product , connect with our expert through wattsapp no . 91- 7087997550 or you can converse with the chatbot located at the bottom right corner of page.
Ans: you may reach out to us and we will do our best job.
Ans: state regulatory issues , legal restrictions or any other compliances related resons Or if these are not a vaild reason , you can directly contact @ 91-7087997550 { wattsapp logo }
Ans: delivery time for a product is determined by various factors including the kind of product, { standard product or made to order product }, location from where product is procured and logistic network available at your location we try to dispatch as soon as possible, still if you are in emergeny requirement , send a details email to us or wattsapp 7087997550
Ans: or experienced sales team will help to create a successful bulk purchase , leave us a message we will revert you back as soon as possible.
Ans: you can purchase items in bulk from us and help us cater various tailored requirements as described 1. For custom made designs , for your requirement, you send a message , our expert will get back to you , after discussion , and dimensional specification lock , we ensure to provide a economical quotation , to get further order maturity. 2. Surely will provide a discount as much as possible.
Ans : we have a wide range of products , your design , dimension , specification , 100 % we can do.

Ans. Design assistance related to any advise required from our expert , we will help you without any
consultancy cost . leave us a message.

Ans : a number of heating element is covered with under 4159:2002 compliance , you can message us to

Ans : We aim to keep every item, on our website in stocks, if there is any item showing backorder , it
might be heavy weight , or breakable , you can contact us on email or wattsapp, we will provide the
same but a word of communication.

Ans: extremely sorry , no.

Ans: we do not store credit card information on our website , your credit card information is safe with
our payment solution provider , razorpay , ccavenue,paypal.

Ans : immideatly contact our sales team , 100 % assistance assured , if found genuine under warranty
clause , no shipment at buyer