Ptfe non adhesive 35 mm


35mm Teflon Non-Adhesive Fabric offers a specialized solution for various industrial applications. With features including:

  • Width: 35 mm
  • Color: Dark brown
  • Thickness: 6 millimeters
  • Intended Use: Sealing machines, packaging machines, plastic cutting machines, etc.
  • Length per Roll: 10 meters

This Teflon non-adhesive fabric provides a versatile and durable material for tasks involving heat, sealing, and cutting processes. Its unique properties make it well-suited for environments where high temperatures are encountered, ensuring that it maintains its structural integrity and performance.

The return/warranty policy adds a layer of assurance to the product, allowing customers to receive a replacement if the quality is not up to the mark. The Teflon Non-Adhesive Fabric serves as a valuable asset in industries where precision, heat resistance, and reliability are crucial factors for success.



Teflon fabric – type non adhesive type 

Width : 35 mm

Colour : Dark brown 

Mil:  6 mill 

Use : Sealing machine , packaging machine . plastic cutting machine , 

Length per roll : 10 mtr 

Return /warranty : returnable if quality is not upto mark.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

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