Bimetal Thermostat 65 degree Celsius


Bi-metal thermostat set at 65 degrees Celsius is a compact and efficient temperature control device. With dimensions of 15 by 11 millimeters, it is designed to fit seamlessly into tight spaces.

Operating within a temperature range of 65 degrees Celsius, this bimetal thermostat offers accurate and reliable temperature regulation. The bi-metallic strip inside responds to temperature changes by flexing, enabling precise control. When the temperature reaches the designated 65 degrees Celsius, the strip triggers a switch action that can be used to activate cooling systems, alarms, or other appropriate responses.

This thermostat is well-suited for applications where maintaining a specific temperature threshold is critical, including electronics, appliances, and industrial processes. Its compact design and focused temperature range make it a dependable choice for situations requiring consistent and controlled heat management. Manufactured using advanced technology, this bi-metal thermostat ensures stability and accuracy in temperature-sensitive environments.

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Bi metal thermostat

dimension : 15*11 mm

temperature range : 65 degree Celsius



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