Energy Regulator ,1000 watt


Energy Regulator, commonly referred to as a Simmerstat, is a versatile device designed for controlling electrical energy input to appliances. Operating at 220 volts with a maximum power handling capacity of 1000 watts, this regulator is suitable for managing heat intensity in various applications.

Primarily utilized as a simmerstat, it enables precise control over heating elements, allowing users to fine-tune the temperature output of appliances like stovetops, hotplates, and other heating devices. The energy regulator regulates the power supplied to the heating element, allowing for gradual and controlled adjustments to achieve the desired cooking or heating level.

Manufactured by AJAY, a reputable name in electronic components, this energy regulator promises reliability and longevity. It is a crucial component in appliances where consistent temperature control is necessary, ensuring efficient and safe operation. With its capability to handle 220V and 1000W, it offers flexibility for various kitchen and industrial applications, contributing to enhanced cooking and heating experiences.



Energy regulator

220 volt 1000 watt


Make : AJAY



Additional information

Weight .5 kg

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