Thermostat Capillary Type 30-110 degree Celsius


The BEECO Capillary Type Thermostat is designed for accurate temperature control in various applications. With a temperature range of 30 to 110 degrees Celsius, this thermostat enables precise regulation of temperature settings.

Operating at a current capacity of 15 amperes and a voltage of 220 volts, this thermostat efficiently manages power distribution to connected devices. The capillary length of 1 meter, made from stainless steel 304, ensures durability and flexibility in installation.

Manufactured by BEECO, a reputable name in electrical components, this capillary type thermostat comes with a 1-year replacement warranty, subject to specific conditions. The warranty covers replacements for valid issues, excluding scenarios involving breakage or fire damage.

Engineered for reliability and accuracy, the BEECO Capillary Type Thermostat is essential for maintaining controlled temperature levels in various systems. Its durable construction and comprehensive warranty make it a dependable choice for situations where precise temperature regulation is critical.


Thermostat capillary type

30-110 degree Celsius

15 ampere 220 volt

capillary length 1mtr

capillary moc: stainless steel 304

BEECO warranty cover : 1 year replacement { no valid if product found broken or fire burnt or broken capillary  }

Made by BEECO.



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Weight 1 kg

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