Bimetal Thermostat 120 degree Celsius


Bi-metal thermostat with a 120-degree Celsius threshold is a compact and versatile temperature control solution. With dimensions of 15 by 11 millimeters, this device is designed for efficiency in space-restricted settings.

Operating within a temperature range of 0 to 120 degrees Celsius, this bimetal thermostat offers precise thermal management. Its bi-metallic strip responds to temperature changes, ensuring accurate control. When the temperature surpasses 120 degrees Celsius, the strip bends, triggering a switch that can be utilized for various applications, such as activating cooling systems or shutting down equipment.

This thermostat finds its utility in diverse scenarios, from household appliances to industrial equipment, guaranteeing that temperature-sensitive processes remain within safe limits. Its compact size and broad temperature range, manufactured using reliable technology, make it an optimal choice for applications that require dependable and precise temperature regulation.

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Bi metal thermostat

dimension : 15*11 mm

temperature range : 0-120 degree Celsius



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