Bimetal Thermostat Butterfly 120 degree Celsius


Butterfly Bi-metal Thermostat, calibrated at 120 degrees Celsius, is a robust and efficient temperature control solution. With its unique butterfly design, this thermostat offers reliable performance in various applications.

Operating at a temperature of 120 degrees Celsius and supporting up to 250V AC and 10 amperes, this thermostat is capable of handling substantial electrical loads. Its bi-metallic mechanism responds to temperature changes, ensuring accurate control. When the temperature reaches 120 degrees Celsius, the bi-metallic strip triggers a switch action. This can be employed to activate or deactivate devices like heaters, motors, or other electrical components, maintaining a safe operating temperature.

With a mounting hole-to-hole center distance of 25 mm, installation is straightforward, making it suitable for a range of systems. The butterfly design adds versatility and stability to its performance. This thermostat finds utility in scenarios that require reliable temperature regulation, such as heating appliances, industrial processes, and electrical systems. Its robust construction and precise temperature calibration make it an optimal choice for demanding applications.

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Butterfly thermostat bi metal type

temperature : 120 degree Celsius

250 v ac

10 ampere

mounting hole to hole center – 25 mm


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