Bimetal Thermostat 100 degree Celsius


100-degree Celsius bimetal thermostat by Beeco Electronics is a compact and reliable temperature control device designed for various applications. Measuring a mere 15 by 11 millimeters, this thermostat boasts a small footprint, making it suitable for space-constrained environments.

Operating within a temperature range of 100 degrees Celsius, this bimetal thermostat acts as a safety measure by performing a normally closed (NC) action. When the temperature crosses the preset threshold of 100 degrees Celsius, the bimetallic strip within the device undergoes a rapid expansion, causing a change in its shape. This triggers the NC action, which could be used to cut off power to a heating element, motor, or any other connected electrical component.

Manufactured by Beeco Electronics, a reputable name in temperature control solutions, this bimetal thermostat combines precision engineering with a compact design to ensure efficient and accurate temperature regulation in a variety of industrial and domestic applications.

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Bi metal thermostat

dimension : 15*11 mm

temperature range : 100 degree Celsius cut 

NC action




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