Stem Thermostat 30-160 degree celcius 220 v


Stem Thermostat is designed for precise temperature control in various applications. Operating at a voltage of 220 volts and with a current capacity of 15 amperes, this stem thermostat efficiently manages the power supplied to the connected device.

Featuring a stem length of 7 inches, this thermostat is designed for compatibility with different systems. It offers a temperature range of 30 to 160 degrees Celsius, allowing for a broad spectrum of temperature control.

Manufactured by Girish, a trusted brand in electrical components, this stem thermostat ensures reliable performance and accurate temperature regulation. It’s a critical component for maintaining controlled heating and preventing overheating in various devices and systems.

Whether for industrial, commercial, or residential applications, the Girish Stem Thermostat is engineered to provide dependable temperature control. Its quality construction and compatibility make it a suitable choice for situations where precise temperature regulation is essential.



Stem thermostat

stem length : 7 ” inches

make : girish

15 amp .220 volt

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

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