Geyser Thermostat 5-75 degree Celsius 220 v


Elcon Geyser Thermostat is designed to regulate water temperature effectively within a range of 5 to 75 degrees Celsius. This stem-type thermostat features a stem length of 7 inches, ensuring compatibility with various geyser systems.

Operating at a voltage of 220 volts and with a current capacity of 8 amperes, this thermostat efficiently controls the power supplied to the heating element of the geyser.

Manufactured by Elcon, a reputable brand in electrical components, this geyser thermostat ensures reliable performance and accurate temperature control. Its stem-type design allows for precise temperature monitoring and regulation, maintaining the water within the desired temperature range. The thermostat helps prevent overheating and ensures a comfortable and safe hot water supply for household and commercial use.

The Elcon Geyser Thermostat is a crucial component for maintaining energy efficiency, water safety, and user comfort in geyser systems. Its quality construction and compatibility make it a dependable choice for hot water regulation needs.



Stem thermostat

stem length : 7 ” inches

make : elcon

8 amp .220 volt

Additional information

Weight .5 kg

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