Selec TPRA2M1-1-U-CE, thermister protection relay


TPRA2M1-1-U-CE is a specialized device designed for monitoring motor winding temperature using PTC sensors. Operating within a voltage range of 90 to 270V AC/DC, it ensures accurate measurements. With an initialization time of 3 seconds, the device swiftly becomes operational upon activation.

It offers two relay operating modes: the failsafe mode and the non-failsafe mode, providing flexibility in response strategies. The reset condition can be set to either auto or manual mode, allowing for customized control. The device features a DPDT contact configuration with a contact rating of 8A@250V AC, ensuring robust performance. With compact dimensions of 35 x 90 mm, it is designed for convenient DIN rail mounting. Certified with CE, it meets stringent quality and safety standards. The TPRA2M1-1-U-CE is a reliable solution for monitoring motor winding temperature in various industrial applications


Measuring Parameter Monitors motor winding temperature with the help of PTC sensors
Operating Voltage 90 – 270V AC/DC
Initialization time 3 seconds
Relay operating modes 1. Failsafe mode,
2. Non-failsafe mode
Reset Condition Auto / Manual mode
COutput Contact Type of contact : DPDT,
Contact rating : 8A@250V AC
Size 35 X 90 mm
Mounting Type DIN rail Mount
Certification CE

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Weight 1 kg

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