55XC-P8-G Analog Timer by Beeco, a pinnacle of precision and functionality, available at just ₹863.00 (marked down from ₹1,018.34). Belonging to the category of Analog Timers for Plug/Panel Mount applications, this timer brings unparalleled capabilities to your control needs.

With a plug-in design, it offers Cyclic with Unequal ON Time & OFF Time modes, catering to diverse requirements. The timer’s range spans 1, 10 seconds, minutes, and hours, allowing for precise customization. Its remarkable 0.1-second resolution ensures accurate timing control.

Expect nothing less than precision with its ± 5% of Full Scale setting accuracy and ± 0.5% of 50ms (whichever is greater) repeat accuracy. Boasting a dual 2 C/O SPDT relay contact configuration, capable of handling 5A at 250V AC or 24V DC, it’s an epitome of reliable control.

With an adaptable supply voltage range of 20 to 240V AC and 12 to 240V DC, integration becomes seamless. Its compact 48 x 48mm size allows for easy placement, whether through plug or panel mounting. Backed by CE and UL certifications, this timer ensures safety and performance. Embrace the future of timing control with the 55XC-P8-G, where precision meets innovation.


Operating Modes Plug in timer with Cyclic With Unequal ON Time & OFF Time
Range 1 / 10 / sec / min / hr
Resolution 0.1 sec
Accuracy Setting: ± 5% Of Full Scale, Repeat: ± 0.5% of 50ms (Whichever Is Greater)
Relay Contact 2 C/O SPDT
Contact Rating 5A @ 250V AC or 24V DC
Supply Voltage 20 to 240V AC, 12 to 240V DC
Size 48 x 48mm
Mounting Type Plug / Panel Mount
Certification CE , UL

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Weight 1 kg

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