Selec 600XU-A-1-CU, Timer


600XU-A-1-CU Analog Timer, a comprehensive timing solution designed to cater to various control needs. Priced at ₹653.00 (discounted from ₹770.54), this timer falls within the category of Analog Timers with a 17.5mm DIN rail design, offering a compact and efficient solution for a wide range of applications.

This timer provides an array of operating modes, including On Delay, Interval, Cyclic modes (equal OFF first and equal ON first), Pulse output (50 milliseconds), Delay on Break, Delay on Make/Break, Interval after Break, Single shot, Retriggerable single shot, Latching relay, Delay on Make with totalise, and Interval with totalise. This versatility ensures it can be tailored to suit diverse timing requirements.

The timer covers a range from 0.1 to 1 second/minute/hour, 0.3 to 3 seconds/minutes/hours, 1 to 10 seconds/minutes, and 3 to 30 seconds/minutes. With a 0.1-second resolution, precise timing adjustments are possible.

Expect accurate timing with ± 5% of Full Scale (F.S) setting accuracy and ± 0.5% (F.S) repeat accuracy. The pause time accuracy is ± 5% and ± 5ms.

The timer features a 1C/O (SPDT) relay contact with a contact rating of 5A at 250V AC or 24V DC, making it suitable for a variety of applications. It operates within a supply voltage range of 20 to 240V AC and 12 to 240V DC.

With its compact 17.5mm size, the 600XU-A-1-CU Analog Timer is designed for easy DIN rail mounting. Certified with both CE and UL, this timer emphasizes safety and compliance.

Experience precise and versatile timing control with the 600XU-A-1-CU Analog Timer, an essential tool for enhancing control and efficiency in a wide range of applications.


Operating Modes On Delay, Interval, Cyclic equal OFF first, Cyclic equal ON first, Pulse output (50msec), Delay on Break, Delay on Make/ Delay on Break, Interval after Break, Single shot, Retriggerable single shot, Latching relay, Delay on make with totalise, Interval with totalise
Range 0.1-1 sec/min/hr, 0.3-3 sec/min/hr, 1-10 sec/min, 3-30 sec/min
Resolution 0.1 sec
Accuracy Setting: ± 5% of F.S., Repeat: ± 0.5% (Full Scale), Pause Time Accuracy: ± 5% , ± 5ms
Relay Contact 1C/O SPDT
Contact Rating 5A @ 250V AC or 24V DC
Supply Voltage 20 to 240V AC, 12 to 240V DC
Size 17.5mm
Mounting Type DIN Rail Mount
Certification CE, UL

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