Selec 800PSR, Phase Sequence relay


800PSR Phase Sequence Relay, a critical component for maintaining the proper functioning of your electrical systems. Priced at ₹414.00 (discounted from ₹488.52), this relay falls within the category of Phase Sequence Relays, offering essential features for monitoring and responding to phase-related issues.

Designed to measure Phase Sequence, Phase Failure, and Phase Asymmetry in a 3-phase, 3-wire electrical connection setup, the 800PSR relay is built to ensure the stability and integrity of your electrical systems. The quick Power On Delay of 200 milliseconds ensures that stable conditions are established before the relay becomes active.

The relay’s accuracy is paramount, with a trip accuracy of ± 10V, ensuring precise monitoring of phase conditions. The relay features a single C/O (SPDT) output contact, with NO (Normally Open) rating at 5A and NC (Normally Closed) rating at 3A, both at 250V AC.

Operating within an operating voltage range of 154V to 500V AC (Line to Line), the 800PSR Phase Sequence Relay ensures that your system operates within the specified phase conditions. Its size of 22.5mm makes it suitable for DIN rail mounting, allowing for seamless integration into your control panel arrangement.

Ensure the stability and health of your electrical system with the 800PSR Phase Sequence Relay, offering accurate and reliable phase monitoring and protection. It’s an essential component for maintaining the proper phase conditions of your electrical setup.


Measuring Parameter Phase Sequence, Phase Failure, Phase Asymmetry
Electrical Connection 3P – 3W
Time Ranges Power On Delay: 200msec
Accuracy Trip Accuracy : ± 10V
Output Contact 1 C/O ( SPDT )
Output Rating NC: 3A @ 250V AC , NO: 5A @ 250V AC
Operating Voltage 154 To 500V AC (L – L)
Size 22.5mm
Mounting Type DIN Rail Mount

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Weight 1 kg

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