Selec 800XC, Timer


800XC Analog Timer, a powerful timing solution engineered to enhance your control applications. Priced at ₹843.00 (discounted from ₹994.74), this timer belongs to the category of Analog Timers with a 22.5mm DIN rail design. It provides a compact and efficient timing solution for a wide array of applications.

Featuring 2 C/O (DPDT) relay contacts, the 800XC Timer delivers exceptional flexibility. This makes it ideal for applications requiring two separate outputs, enabling more intricate control scenarios.

The timer operates in Asymmetrical Cyclic mode, allowing you to choose between ON first or OFF first sequencing. Counting in the downward direction, the timer ensures precision in your timing requirements.

Accuracy is paramount, with setting accuracy of ±0.1 of set time or ±50 milliseconds (whichever is greater). In Y contact operation, a +100 milliseconds adjustment is applicable. The repeat accuracy is ± 0.1%, ensuring consistent and dependable performance.

The timer’s range covers 1/10 seconds/minutes/hours for both ON and OFF times, allowing for versatile time spans based on your application needs.

Operable with a supply voltage range of 20V to 240V AC and 12V to 140V AC, the 800XC Analog Timer adapts to various voltage setups.

With a size of 22.5mm, the timer is designed for easy DIN rail mounting, ensuring seamless integration into your control panel arrangement.

Certified with CE and UL certifications, the 800XC Analog Timer guarantees compliance with rigorous quality and safety standards.

Enhance your control applications with the robust and adaptable 800XC Analog Timer, a vital tool for elevating the efficiency and accuracy of your control scenarios


Output Contact 2 C/O (DPDT)
Operating Modes Asymmetrical Cyclic ON first or OFF first
Counting Direction Down
Accuracy Setting:±0.1 of set time or ±50 m sec (whichever is greater) For Y contact operation: + 100 m sec, Repeat: ± 0.1%
Range 1/10/sec/min/hr for both ON & OFF time
Supply Voltage 20 to 240V AC, 12 to 140V AC
Size 22.5 mm
Mounting Type DIN rail mount
Certification CE & UL

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Weight 1 kg

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