Selec AN-8-0-0-230V,alarm amunicator


AN-8-0-0-230V control panel is equipped with a dynamic Multicolour LED display that serves as a comprehensive fault annunciation system. With four keys for user interaction, this panel ensures ease of operation and control. The display stands out with its multicolored LEDs, offering various colors like Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Magenta, and Cyan, enhancing visual feedback and signaling efficiency.

Measuring 76 x 147 mm, the compact size of the panel makes it suitable for a range of applications. The AN-8-0-0-230V features 13 digital inputs operating within the voltage range of 5-30 VDC, making it compatible with different signal sources. It also boasts two relay outputs with NO contacts, each rated at 7 A @250VAC / 30VDC for reliable output control.

Incorporating operational, programming, and test modes, this control panel offers versatility in functionality. It communicates through an RS485-based MODBUS RTU protocol, enabling seamless integration with other devices and systems. The default communication settings include a baud rate of 19200, 8 data bits, no parity, and 2 stop bits.

The AN-8-0-0-230V panel is designed for a supply voltage range of 90 to 270 VAC, making it adaptable to various power sources. With its panel mount configuration, it can be easily integrated into control setups, making it a practical choice for industrial applications



Display Type Multicolour LED’s – Fault Annunciation
No. of Keys 4
Colours Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Magenta, Cyan
Size 76 x 147 mm
Digital Inputs 13
Operating Range 5-30 VDC
Digital Output 2 Relay Outputs (NO Contact)
Output Rating 7 A @250VAC / 30VDC (Resistive)
Functional Features Operational Mode,
Programming Mode
Test Mode
Communication Interface RS485 Based MODBUS RTU Protocol
Communication Settings Default = (Baudrate : 19200, Data Bits: 8, Parity : None, No. of Stop Bits: 2)
Supply Voltage 90 to 270 VAC
Mounting Type Panel Mount

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Weight 3 kg

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