Band Sealer .


Band Sealer, a sealing solution designed to efficiently secure various pouch packages. This band sealer offers a simple yet effective approach to sealing, catering to different types of pouches.

Crafted with a mild steel body that’s powder coated, this band sealer delivers durability and protection against wear and tear. Operating at 500W and 220V AC, it’s equipped to handle sealing tasks with reliability.

The adjustable sealing speed, ranging from 0 to 12 meters per minute, allows you to control the pace of your sealing process. Similarly, the sealing width can be set between 6 to 12 mm, accommodating different package sizes and requirements.

This band sealer is well-suited for sealing pouch packages of various types, ensuring the contents are safely enclosed. Its versatility is an asset to your packaging operations.

Please note that this band sealer does not include a vertical attachment. Additionally, it comes without a warranty cover and site service, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a straightforward sealing solution.

The Band Sealer is a practical choice for businesses requiring efficient and reliable pouch sealing. Its sturdy construction, adjustable settings, and pouch compatibility make it a dependable tool for your packaging needs.



Band sealer

Mild steel powder coated body

Band Sealer, 500W 220 vac

Sealing Speed : 0-12 m/min
Sealing Width : 6-12 mm

Suitable for Pouch sealing packages any type .
warranty : no site service
Without vertical attachment .
No warranty cover 


Additional information

Weight 17 kg

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