Box strapping machine KZ 200


KZ 200 Box Strapping Machine, a versatile semi-automatic solution designed to streamline your packaging processes. With the Model KZ 200, this machine brings efficiency and convenience to your packaging operations.

Operating with an input voltage of 240V AC and a power of 0.25 kW, this strapping machine offers optimal performance. It accommodates strap sizes ranging from 6mm to 13mm in width, with a thickness spanning 0.5mm to 0.85mm. It’s versatile enough to handle pack sizes as small as 6cm by 6cm. The tension range, adjustable from 5 kg to 50 kg, ensures secure packaging, while its cycle speed of less than 3 seconds ensures swift operations.

This machine seamlessly integrates into production lines, effortlessly handling tensioning, cutting, and welding tasks. By adopting PP strapping as its packing material, it ensures durability and reliability. The KZ 200 finds application across diverse industries including home appliances, food, general merchandise, medicine production, chemical industry, printing, post offices, and textile departments.

With dimensions of 89.5cm by 56.5cm by 73.5cm and a weight of 90 kg, it balances compactness with stability. Originating from China, the machine is meticulously designed to meet your packaging needs. Please note that it comes without a warranty, making it well-suited for applications requiring a reliable and cost-effective packaging solution.

For your convenience, the KZ 200 arrives packed securely on a wooden pallet. It’s recommended for further retailing purposes, making it an excellent choice for businesses aiming to enhance their packaging efficiency. Designed by Beeco, this strapping machine embodies quality and efficiency, empowering you to elevate your packaging operations with ease.

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  • Model: KZ 200, Input Voltage: 240V AC, Power: 0.25 KW

  • Strap Size: 6mm~13mm width, Thickness: 0.5~0.85mm, Min. Pack Size: 6*6 cm

  • Tension: 5~50 kg, Speed: <3 s/cycle. It can work with production line and automatically finish the tension, cutting and welding.

  • Semi-automatic strapping machine adopts PP strapping as packing material. It is widely used in home appliance, food, general merchandise, medicine production, chemical industry, printing, post office and textile departments.

  • Dimensions: 89.5*56.5*73.5 cm, Weight: 90 kgs

  • Origin : CHINA
  • Warranty : NO WARRANTY 

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Weight 40 kg

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