Can Sealing Machine for 85 mm diameter .jar .


The BE-4311 Can Sealing Machine is designed for efficient and reliable sealing of jars with a diameter of 85 mm. This can sealing machine offers efficient sealing for jars with an 85 mm diameter, making it suitable for various packaging needs. Its electric-driven mechanism, adjustable can height, and customized sealing heads make it a versatile choice for sealing a range of can sizes. The machine’s compact size and reasonable working speed make it a practical solution for production environments




Model  : BE-4311    can sealing machine

Driven type

Electric can sealing machine


AC 220V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz


370W can sealing machine

Can diameter–  85 mm 

Height of can

39-200mm(can be customized for bigger size)

Working speed

about 25 pcs/min

Package size


Gross weight

about 50kg can sealing machine

Note: One machine comes with one sealing head for fixed cans height and diameter ,it can’t be adjusted.Other cans with different size has to use corresponding sealing head.

Additional information

Weight 50 kg

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