Selec CBCT-35-1-CE, core balance CBCT


CBCT-35-1-CE is a compact and reliable current transformer designed to offer accurate and flexible solutions for various applications. Its core balance design, featuring an inner diameter of 35mm, enables the detection of earth leakage relay, making it an essential component for enhancing electrical safety.

With an operating range spanning from 30mA to 30A, the CBCT-35-1-CE is versatile and capable of accurately measuring current levels across a wide spectrum. Its flexible design allows for seamless integration into various electrical systems, ensuring optimal performance and precise readings.

This current transformer’s panel mount capability further enhances its usability and accessibility, making it easier to incorporate into control panels and equipment setups. The CBCT-35-1-CE carries the CE certification, attesting to its compliance with rigorous quality and safety standards.

With its combination of compactness, reliability, accuracy, and adaptability, the CBCT-35-1-CE presents itself as an indispensable tool for electrical monitoring and protection, catering to diverse industrial and commercial applications while ensuring enhanced safety measures.


Features Compact, Reliable, Accurate, Flexible Design, Detection of Earth Leakage Relay, Panel Mount
Current Transformer Type Core Balance Current Transformer with inner Dia 35mm
Operating Range 30 mA – 30A
Certification CE

Additional information

Weight 4 kg

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