Coffee Machine Heater 3000 watt, 220vac, T-43


T-43 Coffee Machine Heater, an advanced heating solution designed to enhance your coffee brewing experience. With a robust power rating of 3000 watts and compatibility with 220 VAC, this heater ensures efficient and precise heat generation, optimizing your coffee preparation process.

Constructed from durable copper, the T-43 heater guarantees optimal heat transfer and lasting performance. With a length of 200 mm, it suits various coffee machine setups.

Equipped with a gasket, the installation process is streamlined, ensuring a secure and leak-free fit.

The heater is crafted from heavy copper with maximum sheath and socket mass, ensuring optimal heat transfer efficiency and durability.

Backed by a 1-year replacement warranty, the T-43 Coffee Machine Heater provides confidence in its performance. Please note that the warranty does not apply if the tube is found to be burst.

Rely on Beeco’s expertise to deliver reliable, efficient, and enduring heating solutions that elevate your coffee machine’s performance. Enjoy consistent temperature control and coffee quality, supported by Beeco’s distinguished reputation for excellence.


Coffee machine heater           Model no T -43


WATT: 3000

VOLT : 220



MOC : HEAVY COPPER {made with  maximum sheath and soquet mass}

WARRANTY : 1 Year replacement { Condition : not valid if tube burst}

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

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