Pencil Cartridge Heater dia 6 *120 mm, 220 v, 300 watt


High Density Cartridge Heater – a robust and reliable heating solution designed to meet the demands of various industrial applications. With a compact diameter of 6 mm and an extended length of 120 mm, this cartridge heater is engineered to provide powerful and consistent heating performance.

Operating at 300 watts and 220 volts, this cartridge heater offers a substantial power output, ensuring rapid and efficient heating. Its slender form factor, featuring a diameter of 6 mm, allows it to be used in tight spaces without compromising on performance. The impressive 120 mm length contributes to even heat distribution across the target area.

The 200 mm lead length enhances installation flexibility, making it easy to connect the heater to power sources. BEECO, a reputable name in the industry, guarantees the quality and reliability of their products.

Whether you’re heating up machinery components or maintaining optimal temperatures in industrial processes, the BEECO High Density Cartridge Heater is designed to deliver exceptional results. Its precision engineering ensures that it meets the highest standards of performance and durability, enhancing your operations with consistent and efficient heating.

For added peace of mind, this High Density Cartridge Heater comes backed by BEECO’s reputation for quality. While specific warranty details may vary, you can count on BEECO’s commitment to supporting their products.

Trust in the expertise of BEECO to provide you with heating solutions that align with your industrial needs. This cartridge heater, with its compact design and impressive power output, is ready to contribute to the success of your operations.

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High density cartridge heater

dia : 6 mm

length : 120 mm

watt: 300

volt: 220

lead length: 200 mm

Additional information

Dimensions 150 × 2.5 × 2.5 cm

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