Selec DIGIX-1-230V


DIGIX-1-230V, a sophisticated digital controller designed to streamline industrial processes. With its dimensions measuring 70 x 90mm, this compact controller offers a range of advanced features.

The controller features a 2 x 8 characters LCD display with backlight, accompanied by 5 keys (4 user-configurable), providing an intuitive interface for monitoring and configuration. Equipped with 8 PNP type digital inputs, including a fast input channel, it offers comprehensive input options.

The DIGIX-1-230V provides 5 relay outputs, each capable of handling loads up to 5A @ 230VAC or 24VDC, ensuring efficient control and switching capabilities. While analog inputs and outputs are not supported, the controller’s digital functions are highly capable.

The code memory of 112KB empowers the controller with the ability to handle complex programming tasks. Communication is facilitated through the RS485-based MODBUS RTU protocol, allowing seamless integration into existing systems.

With a versatile supply voltage range of 100 to 270 V AC/DC or 18 to 30V DC, the controller is adaptable to various power sources. The DIN rail mounting type ensures convenient installation.

Supporting high-frequency counting, FC0 (I0 & I1) inputs can achieve a maximum frequency of 5KHz, while normal digital inputs operate at 30Hz.



Display Type 2 x 8 Characters LCD (with Backlight) + 5 Keys (4 User Configurable)
Size 70 x 90mm
Digital Inputs 8 (PNP Type) Including 1 Fast Input Channel
Analog Inputs NA
Digital Outputs 5 Relay Outputs
Output Rating 5A @230VAC / 24VDC
Analog Outputs NA
RTC With Time Switch Function N/A
Code Memory 112KB
Communication Interface RS485 Based MODBUS RTU Protocol
Expansion N/A
Supply Voltage 100 to 270 V AC/DC , 18 to 30V DC
Mounting Type DIN Rail
FI / Maximum Counting Frequency FC0 (I0 & I1) – 5KHz, Normal digital input: 30Hz

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Weight 4 kg

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