Selec ELR341-1,Earth leakage relay


ELR341-1 is an advanced True RMS Earth Leakage Current monitoring device engineered to provide accurate and reliable measurements in various electrical configurations. It effectively monitors leakage currents within the range of 30mA to 30A, offering comprehensive protection against potential faults.

Designed for versatility, the ELR341-1 accommodates 1Ø-2W, 3Ø-4W, and 3Ø-3W electrical connections, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Its supply voltage range of 90 – 270V AC/DC ensures compatibility with different power sources.

Equipped with a precise display, this device showcases the current range from 15mA to 33A, allowing users to have a clear visual representation of the monitored values. The ELR341-1 offers flexibility in time settings, ranging from 0 to 999 seconds, while maintaining swift response times for fault detection – less than 30ms for higher trip currents and instantaneous trip settings.

With the added feature of CBCT (Core Balance Current Transformer) detection, the ELR341-1 can identify the absence or short-circuit of CBCT for enhanced safety. Its accuracy of ±5% setting of current and ±5% time setting accuracy for ±100ms ensures reliable performance.

The output contact of 1 C/O (SPDT) with a rating of NO / 5A@250V AC / 28V DC adds to its reliability and flexibility. Sized at 96X96mm and designed for panel mounting, the ELR341-1 offers a comprehensive solution for effective Earth Leakage Current monitoring and protection.


Measuring Parameter Monitors True RMS Earth Leakage Current (upto 30A )
Electrical Connection 1Ø-2W, 3Ø-4W, 3Ø-3W
Supply Voltage 90 – 270V AC/DC
Trip Leakage current range 30mA – 30A
Display Current range 15mA – 33A
Time Ranges 0 to 999 sec
Response time < 30ms (if trip current 5 x set value & Instantaneous trip is ON),
< 50ms (if trip current = 1 x set value)
CBCT DETECTION Yes, when CBCT absent or short
Accuracy ± 5% setting of current,
± 5% time setting for ±100ms
Output Contact 1 C / O (SPDT )
Output Rating NO / 5A@250V AC / 28V DC
Size 96X96mm
Mounting Type Panel mount

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Weight 1 kg

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