Geyser Heater Round Soquet 2000 watt ,220 vac


Round Soquet Geyser Heater, a reliable and efficient heating solution designed to deliver consistent hot water for your needs. With a robust power rating of 2000 watts and compatibility with 220 VAC, this heater ensures rapid water heating, optimizing your geyser’s performance.

Constructed from heavy-duty copper, the Round Soquet Geyser Heater guarantees optimal heat transfer efficiency and durability. Its round soquet design ensures secure fitting and effective heat distribution.

Proudly bearing the ISI mark, this heater adheres to stringent quality standards, reflecting Beeco’s commitment to excellence and safety.

Equipped with a thermo pocket, the heater allows for precise temperature control, enhancing the safety and efficiency of your geyser.

Backed by a 1-year replacement warranty, the Round Soquet Geyser Heater offers assurance for your investment. Please note that the warranty does not apply if the tube is found burst.

Rely on Beeco’s expertise to provide you with reliable, efficient, and enduring heating solutions that elevate your geyser’s performance. Enjoy consistent hot water supply with the assurance of Beeco’s distinguished reputation for excellence.


Geyser heater

2000 watt , 220 vac

ISI marked

heavy duty copper

round soquet

length : 200 mm

with thermo pocket

BEECO warranty cover : 1 year replacement { no valid if tube found burst }



Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 5 cm

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