Selec HTC405


HTC405 is an advanced Humidity and Temperature Controller engineered to precisely manage environmental conditions. Sporting a 7 Segment LED Single White Display with a 3-digit configuration, it delivers clear visual feedback. This controller accepts 5V RH (HS-A-100) sensor inputs for humidity and RTD (PT100) sensor inputs for temperature, offering a selectable resolution of 1 or 0.1.

With an exceptional accuracy of ±1º of full scale for humidity and 0.1% of full scale for RTD measurements, the HTC405 ensures reliable performance. Its dual set points and relay outputs enable efficient control. The humidity control operates using ON-OFF settings, while temperature control offers both ON-OFF and PID modes.

Enhanced with load protection protocol, Low/High alarms, and a complimentary RH sensor, the HTC405 is versatile and user-friendly. Operating on a supply voltage of 90-270V AC/DC, its compact size of 36 x 72mm and panel mount design facilitate easy installation. Certified with CE and featuring an IP65 frontal rating, the HTC405 guarantees accuracy and durability for maintaining ideal humidity and temperature levels.


Display Type 7 Segment LED, Single White Display
Display Configuration 3 Digits
Type of Inputs 5V RH (HS-A-100) sensor for Humidity,
RTD(PT100) sensor for Temperature
Resolution 1/0.1
Accuracy Humidity : ±1º of full scale,RTD: 0.1% of full scale
Type of Output Relay
Set Point 2
Control Mode For Humidity: ON-OFF
For Temperature:ON-OFF / PID control
Features Load protection protocol, Low / High Alarm, Free RH sensor with unit
Supply Voltage 90-270V AC/DC
Size 36 x 72mm
Mounting Type Panel Mount
Certification CE, IP65 frontal

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