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HTC206 is a versatile Humidity and Temperature Controller designed to accurately regulate environmental conditions. With its 7 Segment LED Dual Display featuring a 4+4 digit configuration, it provides clear and precise readings. The controller accepts 5V RH (HS-A-100) sensor inputs for humidity and RTD (PT100) sensor inputs for temperature, offering a resolution of 0.1 for humidity and RTD inputs. Its remarkable accuracy includes ±1º of full-scale accuracy for humidity and 0.1% of full-scale accuracy for RTD.

Equipped with dual set points and relay outputs, the HTC206 allows for efficient control. The humidity control utilizes ON-OFF settings while temperature control offers both ON-OFF and PID options. The controller incorporates load protection protocol, Low/High alarms, and even includes a complimentary RH sensor. Operating with a supply voltage of 90-270V AC/DC, the compact 72 x 72mm size and panel mount design make installation seamless. The HTC206 ensures precision and reliability for maintaining optimal humidity and temperature conditions in various applications.


Display Type 7 Segment LED Dual Display
Display Configuration 4+4 digits
Type of Inputs 5V RH (HS-A-100) sensor for Humidity,
RTD(PT100) sensor for Temperature
Resolution 0.1 / 1 for RH / RTD inputs
Accuracy Humidity : ±1º of full scale,RTD: 0.1% of full scale
Type of Output Relay
Set Point 2
Control Output For Humidity: ON-OFF
For Temperature:ON-OFF / PID control
Feature Load protection protocol, Low / High Alarm, Free RH sensor with unit
Supply Voltage 90-270V AC/DC
Size 72 x 72mm
Mounting Type Panel Mount

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