Selec LTC9A


LTC9A model boasts a 7 1/2-digit LCD display configuration. It offers versatile functionality with hour meter and counter ranges. For the hour meter, it can measure up to 1999.59.59 hours:min:sec or 199999.99 hours continuous. For the counter, it supports a range of 19999999 counts. It counts upwards and can be reset both from the front panel and remotely. The device is equipped with a front panel reset key and offers the flexibility to toggle between timer and counter modes. Operating on battery power, it supports input speeds of 14Hz and 100Hz. Designed for panel mounting, it measures 24 x 48mm and holds CE certification.



Display Type LCD
Display Configuration 7 1/2 Digits
Ranges (For Hour Meter) a) 1999.59.59hr:min:sec , b) 199999.99hrc
Ranges (For Counter) 19999999 counts
Counting Direction Up
Reset Front, Remote
Features Front panel reset key, Timer/ Counter selectable
Input Speed 14Hz, 100Hz
Supply Voltage Battery Powered
Size 24 x 48mm
Mounting Type Panel Mount
Certification CE

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Weight 1 kg

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