Mandel heater 250 ml ,220 vac


M-.25-L Mandel Heater, a compact and versatile heating solution designed to provide effective warmth and comfort. This heater, crafted from durable fiber material, is engineered to deliver reliable and efficient heating performance.

With a capacity of 250 ml, the M-.25-L Mandel Heater is suitable for small spaces or localized heating needs. Operating at 150 watts, it ensures efficient and reliable heating while maintaining energy efficiency.

The heater features a diameter of 160 mm, making it easy to position and use in various areas. Its compact size ensures versatility and portability.

Upgrade your comfort with the M-.25-L Mandel Heater, engineered for efficient heating in a range of settings. Its durable fiber construction and reliable heating capabilities make it a valuable addition to your heating solutions.



Mandel heater

type : fibre

ML – 250

WATT- 150

Diameter – 160 mm


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 50 cm

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