Selec MPCT D15 80A


MPCT D15 80A, proudly crafted by Beeco. This advanced solution sets new standards in power management and control. Designed with precision and innovation in mind, the MPCT D15 80A offers unparalleled performance in a compact form.
With a focus on efficiency and reliability, this device empowers industries with a robust 80A capacity, ensuring seamless operation even under demanding loads. Beeco’s commitment to quality shines through in every aspect of the MPCT D15 80A, from its thoughtful engineering to its durable construction.
Whether you’re in manufacturing, automation, or any industry that demands efficient power control, the MPCT D15 80A is your ideal partner. Trust in Beeco’s legacy of excellence to elevate your operations. Embrace the future of power management with the MPCT D15 80A – a true testament to Beeco’s expertise and dedication to innovation.




Product Code Input Current
MPCT D15 80A 80A

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Weight 1 kg

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