Proximity sensor, 12 MM, PNP NO , Diffuse , P-62


BEECO Proximity Inductive Sensor – Diffuse Type, designed to provide seamless and reliable proximity detection solutions. With a compact diameter of 12 mm and an overall length of 70 mm, this sensor is ingeniously crafted to fit into various industrial applications while ensuring precision and accuracy.

Operating with an input voltage range of 10-30 VDC, the sensor boasts exceptional compatibility with different power sources, making it adaptable to a wide range of setups. Its load capacity of 200 mm enhances its versatility, enabling it to effortlessly handle various objects and materials.

The sensor’s impressive sensing range of 500 mm ensures that it can detect targets from a significant distance, making it ideal for applications that demand long-range proximity detection. Its Diffuse type configuration enhances its performance, allowing it to detect objects without requiring a separate reflector.

The sensor operates under the NPN-NO setup, providing Normally Open output in NPN configuration for seamless integration into your control systems. This design choice promotes efficient connectivity and responsiveness.

BEECO stands behind the quality and durability of their products. The Proximity Inductive Sensor comes with a 1-year warranty cover, ensuring that you receive a reliable product that meets your expectations. Please note that the warranty is subject to certain conditions, and it is important to handle the product with care to maintain its integrity. Warranty coverage excludes instances of product breakage.

Crafted with precision and excellence, the BEECO Proximity Inductive Sensor is proudly made by BEECO, a trusted name in the industry. Count on this sensor to deliver consistent and accurate proximity detection, enhancing the efficiency of your industrial processes.



proximity inductive sensor Diffuse

Dia – 12 mm

overall length : 70 mm

input : 10-30 vdc

load : 200 mm

sensing range : 500 mm

type: NPN- NO

BEECO warranty cover : 1 year replacement { no valid if product found broken  }

Made by BEECO


Additional information

Weight .5 kg

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