Box strapping machine , Seprating Plate


Separating Plate, a fundamental spare part designed to enhance the efficiency and precision of your strapping machine. Priced at ₹630.00, this component offers both affordability and functionality.

Categorized under strapping machine spare parts, the Separating Plate is meticulously crafted to provide controlled and accurate separation of materials during the strapping process. This component plays a crucial role in ensuring proper alignment and positioning, contributing to the overall efficiency of your operations.

Whether you’re involved in manufacturing, packaging, or equipment maintenance, the Separating Plate is an essential addition to your strapping machine setup. By investing in this spare part, you’re contributing to the overall reliability and effectiveness of your equipment. Upgrade your machine with the Separating Plate to ensure precise material separation, enhancing the quality and precision of your strapping operations.


Used in general strapping machine , seperating plate

made up of metal body mild steel  en8


Additional information

Weight 1 kg

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