SR 21 -IR-RG, datalogic, labeling fork type proximity sensor


Datalogic SR21-IR-RG is a sophisticated labeling fork-type proximity sensor designed to excel in industrial applications. With Datalogic’s precision engineering, this sensor provides accurate and reliable performance, making it an ideal choice for a variety of sensing and instrumentation needs.

Key Features:

  • Microprocessor-based Slot Sensor
  • ZAMA housing with glass lens
  • M8 4-pole connector for easy installation
  • 2mm slot width
  • High 12-bit (4096 steps) resolution for precision
  • Low 20µs response time for quick detection
  • Switching frequency up to 25kHz for rapid data processing
  • Automatic setting of switching threshold using push-button or dynamic adjustment during label movement
  • Infrared (IR) emission for label or hole detection on continuous surfaces
  • 0.5mm resolution for accurate detection
  • Auto set pushbutton setting for convenient configuration
  • Yellow output LED indication for status monitoring
  • IP67 Protection rating for durability in various environments
  • Operating temperature range from -25°C to 60°C for versatile use

Applications: The Datalogic SR21-IR-RG finds its application in sensing and instrumentation tasks. Its versatility makes it suitable for various industries where accurate label or hole detection on continuous surfaces is essential. Whether it’s in manufacturing, packaging, or any other industrial processes, this sensor is designed to enhance efficiency and accuracy.

Trust in Datalogic’s expertise to provide sensor solutions that align with your industrial needs. The SR21-IR-RG sensor, with its advanced features and durable design, is poised to significantly contribute to the success of your industrial operations.


 SR21-IR  Make : Datalogic 
 is a microprocessor-based Slot Sensor with ZAMA housing, glass lens and M8 4-pole connector. The slot sensor of the SR21 series, with 2mm slot width, characterized by a high 12-bit (4096 steps) resolution, a low 20µs response time and a switching frequency reaching 25kHz. The setting of the switching threshold is carried-out automatically by simply pressing a push-button or dynamically during label movement. The SR21-IR model with infrared emission is ideal for label or hole detection on continuous surfaces.
  • 0.5mm Resolution
  • Auto set pushbutton setting
  • Yellow output LED indication
  • 20µs Maximum response time
  • IP67 Protection rating
  • -25 to 60°C Operating temperature range


Sensing & Instrumentation

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