Strip Finned Heater 1060 mm , 3500 watt, 230 vac.


Strip Finned Heater – a powerful creation by BEECO designed to provide consistent warmth for various needs. This heater combines efficiency and quality, making it an exceptional choice for heating requirements. With an overall length of 1060 mm, the Strip Finned Heater ensures optimal heat distribution. Its unique fin dimensions, measuring 72 mm by 37 mm, guarantee even warmth spread. The heater strip, sized at 50 mm by 13 mm, is engineered for efficient heating performance.

Crafted from sturdy galvanized mild steel, the heater is built to withstand diverse conditions, ensuring reliable operation over time. Operating at 230 VAC, this heater offers a robust output of 3500 watts, making it suitable for a range of spaces and tasks.

BEECO, a trusted manufacturer, stands behind the quality of their product with a 1-year warranty. It’s important to note that this warranty won’t apply if the product is found to be broken or damaged due to fire. Manufactured by BEECO, the Strip Finned Heater exemplifies their dedication to creating dependable heating solutions. It’s designed to offer effective warmth, built for durability, and supported by a warranty that underscores its reliability.



Strip finned heater

overall length : 1060 mm

Finns dimension : 72mm *37 mm

Heater strip dimension : 50 mm*13 mm

Moc: MS galvanized

volt : 230 vac

watt : 3500

BEECO warranty cover : 1 year replacement { no valid if product found broken or fire burnt. }

Made by BEECO.


Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 120 × 15 × 15 cm

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