Selec ,TWIX-3-24VDC


TWIX-3-24VDC model showcases a (4 + 4) Red + 6 Green Digits LED Display along with 4 Red + 4 Green LED indicators. With dimensions of 48 x 96mm, it boasts 8 digital inputs, including 1 Fast Input Channel. It accommodates 1 analog input channel for TC/RTD signals. This device offers 6 Transistor Outputs with an output rating of 100mA @24V DC. It lacks analog outputs and the RTC with Time Switch Function. With a code memory of 112KB, it communicates via RS485 Based MODBUS RTU Protocol. Designed for panel mounting, it operates on a supply voltage of 18 to 30 VDC, with a maximum counting frequency of 5KHz for specific inputs.



Display Type (4 + 4) Red + 6 Green Digits LED Display , 4 Red + 4 Green LED’s
Size 48 x 96mm
Digital Inputs 8 (PNP Type) Including 1 Fast Input Channel
Analog Inputs 1 Channel (TC / RTD)
Digital Outputs 6 Transistor Outputs
Output Rating 100mA @24V DC (Transistor)
Analog Outputs NA
RTC With Time Switch Function NO
Code Memory 112KB
Communication Interface RS485 Based MODBUS RTU Protocol
Expansion NO
Supply Voltage 18 to 30 VDC
Mounting Type Panel Mount
FI / Maximum Counting Frequency FC0 (I0 & I1) – 5KHz, Normal digital input: 30Hz

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Weight 4 kg

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