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XC22B V2 counter features a LED display with a 4-digit configuration, enabling clear and concise numerical readouts. Equipped with 2 C/O DPDT relay contacts, it offers versatile output options with a rating of 5A at 230V AC / 24V DC, suitable for various applications. It can count up to 9999 units, functioning in On Delay, Interval, and Auto Reset modes. Reset options include Front, Remote, and Auto modes. The counter’s counting direction is set to Up, while its features encompass a Thumbwheel Setting and Preset Counter capability. It accommodates multiple sensor types (NPN, PNP, Potential Free Contacts), operates within a range of input speeds (0 to 30Hz or 0 to 5kHz), and is sized at 72 x 72mm for easy panel mounting.



Display Type LED
Display Configuration 4 Digits
Relay Contact 2 C/O DPDT
Output Rating 5A @ 230V AC / 24V DC
Range 9999 Counts
Operating Modes On Delay, Interval , Auto Reset
Reset Front, Remote, Auto
Counting Direction Up
Features Preset Counter, Thumbwheel Setting
Sensor Type NPN, PNP, Potential Free Contacts
Input Speed a) 0 to 30Hz b) 0 to 5kHz
Supply Voltage 230V AC
Size 72 x 72mm
Mounting Type Panel Mount

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Weight 1 kg

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