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600SPP Phase Failure Relay, designed to ensure the stability and balance of your electrical system. Priced at ₹704.00 (discounted from ₹830.72), this relay falls within the category of Phase Failure Relays, offering critical protection against phase-related issues.

This relay is expertly designed to monitor phase failure and phase imbalance in a 3-phase, 3-wire electrical connection setup. Operating with a nominal voltage of 415V AC (Line to Line) and a flexible operating voltage range of 154V to 520V AC, it caters to a wide range of applications.

The functional specifications of the 600SPP are comprehensive:

Phase Failure Trip: Triggers when 3-phase voltage drops below 154V AC

Phase Imbalance: Detects imbalance below 30V

Phase Failure Detection: Active

Hysteresis: 6V

Trip Accuracy: ±10V for voltages below 154V AC

Response Time: Up to 200ms

Power On Delay: 3 seconds

Accuracy is prioritized, with a ±3% accuracy of Full Scale (F.S.). The relay features an auto-reset mechanism upon the removal of the fault condition, ensuring a seamless recovery.

Equipped with a single SPDT (1 C/O) output contact, the relay supports NO (Normally Open) contact rating at 5A and NC (Normally Closed) contact rating at 3A, both at 250V AC.

Compact and versatile, the 600SPP comes in a size of 17.5 x 90 mm, designed for easy DIN rail mounting. Ensure the stability and health of your electrical system with the 600SPP Phase Failure Relay, offering accurate and reliable phase monitoring and protection


Measuring Parameter Monitors : Phase Failure, Phase Imbalance
Electrical Connection 3Ø-3W
Nominal Voltage 415V AC (L-L)
Operating Voltage 154 to 520V AC
Functional Specification Phase Failure Trip : 3Ø voltage <154V AC,
Phase Imbalance : <30V,
Phase Failure : Yes,
Hysteresis : 6V,
Trip Accuracy : ±10V<154V AC,
Response Time : max 200ms,
Power On Delay : 3sec
Accuracy Accuracy ±3% of F.S. (F.S. = Full Scale)
Reset Condition Auto reset on removal of fault condition
Output Contact Output Contact : SPDT (1 C/O)
Contact Rating : NO/5A, NC/3A@250V AC
Size 17.5 X 90 mm
Mounting Type DIN rail Mount

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Weight 1 kg

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