Selec SPPA2M2,Phase Faliure Relay


SPPA2M2 is an advanced monitoring device that ensures the reliable operation of electrical systems by monitoring key parameters. Designed for 3-phase, 3-wire connections, this unit effectively guards against Phase Loss, Phase Asymmetry, Over Voltage, and Under Voltage conditions.

Operating within an impressive range of 280 to 520V AC (L-L), the SPPA2M2 is versatile and suitable for various applications. Its functional specifications include a Phase Imbalance tolerance of 30V, with a hysteresis of 6V to maintain stability. The Voltage Accuracy, at ±1% of full scale, guarantees precise measurements, while the Time Accuracy of ±5% ±100ms ensures reliable response.

The unit is engineered with safety in mind, featuring a power-on delay of 3 seconds for stable operation during startup. With well-defined trip settings, including Phase Asymmetry, Over Voltage, and Under Voltage, the SPPA2M2 responds promptly to anomalies. The trip and recovery time delays for various conditions provide swift protection (<120ms for phase loss and phase asymmetry, <200ms for over voltage and under voltage).

Equipped with two DPDT (2C/O) relays, each with a contact rating of 5A@250VAC resistive, the SPPA2M2 offers a reliable safeguarding mechanism. Its compact size of 35 x 90 mm and DIN rail mounting make it easy to integrate into existing setups. This device stands as a dependable guardian of electrical systems, providing security and peace of mind in critical applications.


Measuring Parameter Monitors : Phase Loss, Phase Asymmetry, Over Voltage & Under Voltage
Electrical Connection 3Ø-3W
Operating Voltage 280 to 520V AC(L-L)
Functional Specification Phase Imbalance : 30V (fixed),
Hysteresis : 6V,
Voltage Accuracy : ±1% of full scale,
Time Accuracy : ±5% ±100ms,
Power on delay : 3sec (fixed)
Trip setting Phase Asymmetry : 30V (fixed),
Over Voltage trip : 10% of nominal voltage,
Under Voltage trip : 15 % of nominal voltage,
Trip & Recovery time delay :
<120ms for phase loss, phase asymmetry
<200ms for over voltage, under voltage
Reset Condition After removal of fault condition reset automatically after hysteresis of 6V
Output Contact No. of Relays : 2
Output Contact : DPDT(2C/O)
Contact Rating : 5A@250VAC resistive
Relay status Healthy :- COM-NO
Trip :- COM-NC
Size 35 X 90 mm
Mounting Type DIN rail Mount

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