Selec 900EFR, earth fault relay

900EFR Digital Earth Fault Relay is a vital component for ensuring electrical safety. Designed to monitor earth fault currents, it supports various electrical configurations such as 3-phase 4-wire, 1-phase 2-wire, and 3-phase 3-wire setups. Equipped with a 3-digit LCD display featuring backlight, it offers clear real-time insights.

This relay allows flexible trip settings from 10% to 80% of the selectable MCCB Frame Rating. Its time ranges encompass a quick 100ms response time, trip delays from 0 to 99.9 seconds, and recovery time delays within the same range (in Auto Reset Mode). A power-on delay of 0.5 to 99.9 seconds is also available.

Precision is key, with current accuracy within ±5% of the set value plus 2 digits, and time accuracy within ±5% of the settings plus 100ms. The relay features two changeover output contacts (SPDT) with contact ratings of NC: 3A@250V AC and NO: 5A@250V AC.

Operational flexibility is assured with a supply voltage range of 85 to 270V AC/DC, while its compact 35mm size and DIN Rail Mounting facilitate easy installation. Holding CE certification, it adheres to high safety standards. The 900EFR Relay offers a comprehensive solution for effective earth fault current monitoring.


Measuring Parameter Earth Fault Current Monitoring
Electrical Connection 3Ø-4W, 1Ø-2W, 3Ø-3W
Display 3 Digits Liquid Crystal Display with Backlight
Trip Setting 10% to 80% of Selectable MCCB Frame Rating
Time Ranges Response Time: 100ms,
Trip Time Delay: 0-99.9sec,
Recovery Time Delay: 0-99.9sec (In Auto Reset Mode),
Power ON Delay: 0.5-99.9sec
Accuracy Current : ±5% of the settings ±2digit,
Time : ±5% of the settings ± 100ms
Output Contact 2 X 1 C/O (SPDT)
Output Rating NC: 3A@250V AC, NO: 5A@250V AC
Supply Voltage 85 to 270V AC / DC
Size 35mm
Mounting Type DIN Rail Mount
Certification CE

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Weight 1 kg

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