900VPR-2-280/520V is an advanced Digital Voltage Protection Relay with a wide range of capabilities. Designed to enhance electrical safety, it categorically addresses various voltage and frequency-related concerns. The relay is equipped to measure parameters like Under Voltage, Over Voltage, Under Frequency, Over Frequency, Phase Asymmetry, Phase Failure, and Phase Sequence, catering to a comprehensive spectrum of protective needs.

Electrical compatibility extends to 3-phase 3-wire and 3-phase 4-wire configurations. The relay features a clear 3-digit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), ensuring information visibility without backlight illumination.

To ensure precise action, the relay comes with adjustable time ranges. Trip Time Delay spans from 0 to 99.9 seconds, Power ON Delay is configurable between 2 and 99.9 seconds, and Delay ON Release ranges from 0 to 99.9 seconds. The Response Time, pivotal for rapid protection, clocks in at less than 200 milliseconds.

Accuracy is a hallmark of the 900VPR-2-280/520V, particularly in trip voltage measurements where it boasts an impressive ±1% accuracy of the set value. The relay offers two changeover output contacts (SPDT), allowing seamless interaction with external systems. The normally closed (NC) contact offers a 3A rating at 250V AC, while the normally open (NO) counterpart delivers a robust 5A rating at the same voltage level.

Voltage compatibility spans from 280V to 520V AC (line-to-line) and 160V to 300V AC (line-to-neutral), encapsulating a wide operational envelope. The relay’s compact size of 35mm and DIN Rail Mounting make installation effortless.

The relay’s adherence to safety standards is reinforced by CE and UL certifications, attesting to its reliability and quality.


Measuring Parameter Under Voltage, Over Voltage, Under Frequency, Over Frequency, Phase Asymmetry, Phase Failure, Phase Sequence
Electrical Connection 3Ø-3W, 3Ø-4W
Display 3 digits Liquid Crystal Display without backlight
Time Ranges Trip Time Delay : 0-99.9 sec,
Power ON Delay : 2-99.9 sec,
Delay ON Release : 0-99.9sec,
Response Time : < 200ms
Accuracy Trip Voltage: ±1% of Set Value
Output Contact 2 x 1C/O (SPDT)
Output Rating NC: 3A@250V AC, NO: 5A@250V AC (Res)
Operating Voltage 280 to 520V AC (L-L),
160 to 300V AC (L-N)
Size 35mm
Mounting Type DIN Rail Mount
Certification CE & UL

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Weight 1 kg

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