VPRD2M-BL-CE is a sophisticated protection relay designed to safeguard electrical systems with precision. It excels in measuring critical parameters such as Under Voltage, Over Voltage, Phase Asymmetry, Phase Failure, and Phase Sequence, ensuring the stability and integrity of power networks. Supporting both 1-Phase 2-Wire and 3-Phase 4-Wire electrical connections, it adapts flexibly to various configurations.

The relay employs a 3-digit LCD display for clear visualization of system status and measured values. It offers versatile timing capabilities, including adjustable Trip Time Delay, Power ON Delay, and Recovery Time Delay, with a rapid response time of under 150ms.

Precision is a hallmark, featuring Trip Setting accuracy of ±1% ± 2 digits and Time Setting accuracy of ±5% of the set value ± 150ms. The relay’s 2 Changeover (C/O) DPDT output contacts with NO (Normally Open) and NC (Normally Closed) ratings of 5A @ 250V AC / 28V DC enhance its switching capabilities.

With an operating voltage range of 127 to 288V AC (Line-to-Neutral), the VPRD2M-BL-CE caters to various power systems. Designed for DIN Rail Mounting, its compact size of 35mm makes it convenient for integration within control panels. This certified relay ensures utmost reliability and safety in critical electrical applications, aligning with the highest quality standards.


Measuring Parameter Under Voltage, Over Voltage, Phase Asymmetry, Phase Failure, Phase Sequence
Electrical Connection 1Ø-2W, 3Ø-4W
Display 3 Digits LCD
Time Ranges Trip Time Delay : 0 to 300sec,
Power ON Delay : 0.5 to 300sec,
Recovery Time Delay : 0 to 300sec,
Response Time : <150ms
Accuracy Trip Setting : ±1% ± 2 digits,
Time Setting : ±5% of Setting ± 150ms
Output Contact 2 C/O (DPDT )
Output Rating NO,NC: 5A @ 250V AC / 28 V DC
Operating Voltage 127 to 288V AC (L-N)
Size 35 mm
Mounting Type DIN Rail Mount

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Weight 1 kg

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