only Teflon belt roller


Teflon Belt Roller, exclusively designed for the Band Sealer, is a specialized component that ensures smooth and reliable packaging operations. Crafted to meet A-standard quality, this roller is dedicated to providing exceptional performance within the band sealer setup.

The Teflon material used in the roller’s construction offers excellent heat resistance and low friction properties, which are crucial for maintaining optimal sealing conditions. Its exclusive design focuses solely on its role as a Teflon belt roller, underscoring its dedication to enhancing the band sealer’s efficiency.

By choosing the Teflon Belt Roller of A-standard quality, businesses emphasize their commitment to top-tier packaging solutions. This component’s precision and functionality contribute to the overall reliability of the band sealer, ensuring consistent and secure seals for a variety of packaging materials.


Band sealer 

Only Teflon belt roller 

Quality : A standard 

Additional information

Weight .5 kg

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