Band Sealer Teflon belt , 770 mm, Z-2


Teflon Belt designed for the Z-2 Band Sealer is an essential component that ensures efficient and reliable packaging operations. With a circumference of 770 mm, this dual-layer Teflon belt features an approximate thickness of 5 millimeters, capable of handling up to 6 hours of daily usage.

The dual-layer construction of the Teflon belt contributes to its durability and heat resistance, making it well-suited for extended periods of operation. The thickness and quality of the belt ensure it can withstand the demands of consistent packaging while maintaining its functionality.

By choosing the Teflon Belt for the Z-2 Band Sealer, businesses can rely on its ability to facilitate smooth material movement and secure sealing. Its design and specifications reflect a commitment to providing reliable and efficient packaging solutions, supporting operations that require extended usage hours.


Band sealer 

Teflon belt 

Circumference : 770 mm  

Quality : dual layer , approx. 5 mill thickness  { capable to work 6 hours a day }

Additional information

Weight .5 kg

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