Band Sealer cooling fan


Cooling Fan for Band Sealer is an essential component that ensures efficient and reliable packaging operations. Designed to dissipate heat generated during the sealing process, this cooling fan plays a crucial role in preventing overheating and maintaining optimal performance.

Operating with a 220 VAC input voltage, the cooling fan is tailored to seamlessly integrate into band sealer setups. Its purpose is to regulate the temperature of the equipment, enhancing its longevity and ensuring consistent sealing quality. By expelling excess heat, the cooling fan contributes to uninterrupted production runs and minimizes the risk of equipment malfunction due to overheating.

This cooling fan is a vital investment for businesses that prioritize packaging precision and reliability. With its ability to maintain the ideal operational temperature of the band sealer, it guarantees that the packaging process remains smooth and the equipment’s lifespan is extended. The cooling fan is an integral part of any band sealer setup, exemplifying the commitment to quality and efficiency in modern packaging solutions.


Band sealer 

Cooling fan 

220 VAC input voltage 

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Weight 1 kg

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