Band Sealer heating block , brass


Brass Heating Block for the Band Sealer is a fundamental component designed to facilitate effective sealing in packaging operations. Crafted to meet A-standard quality, this heating block is constructed from durable brass and features a plain, hole-free design, specifically intended for housing the heating element.

The heating block’s brass construction offers excellent heat conductivity and durability, ensuring optimal heat distribution for reliable and consistent seals. The absence of holes in the design prevents heat loss, allowing for efficient energy transfer to the sealing process.

This Brass Heating Block underscores a commitment to quality and precision in band sealing operations. By offering a stable and efficient environment for the heating element, it contributes to the overall reliability and performance of the band sealer. This heating block serves as a testament to engineering excellence, catering to businesses that prioritize top-tier packaging solutions for their products.


Band sealer   heating block  

Plain without hole 

for heating element


Quality : A standard

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

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