Band sealer , cooling block, brass ,Holes


Band Sealer Cooling Block crafted from high-quality brass is a vital component that ensures optimal performance and longevity in packaging operations. This A-standard cooling block is designed to effectively dissipate heat generated during the sealing process, preventing overheating and maintaining the efficiency of the band sealer.

Featuring precision-drilled holes, the cooling block enables efficient airflow, which aids in rapid heat dispersion. This design choice underscores its commitment to seamless and consistent packaging results. The use of brass, known for its excellent heat conductivity and durability, further enhances the cooling block’s performance and overall product lifespan.

Businesses that prioritize precision and reliability in their packaging processes can rely on the Band Sealer Cooling Block. Its meticulous construction using top-tier materials speaks to its ability to meet the demands of industrial applications. With this cooling block in place, companies can sustain high productivity levels without compromising on the quality of seals or risking equipment overheating.


Band sealer cooling block
Quality : A standard

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Weight 1 kg

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