Band Sealer Temperature controller


Temperature Controller designed for the Band Sealer is a crucial component that regulates and maintains the optimal temperature for the sealing process. With a cut-out size of 72*72 mm, this controller provides precise control over temperature conditions during packaging operations.

Key specifications of the Temperature Controller include:

  • Sensor Input: Type J
  • Input Voltage: 220 VAC
  • Output: Single Normally Open (NO) contact
  • Control Type: Analog
  • Body Material: Plastic

The Temperature Controller serves to ensure that the sealing process operates at the desired temperature, contributing to the consistency and quality of packaging results. Its Type J sensor input allows for accurate temperature measurement, while the analog control provides fine-tuning capabilities.

Designed with a plastic body, the Temperature Controller combines functionality and durability. By accurately managing the temperature within the band sealer, this component contributes to the reliable and efficient sealing of various packaging materials.


Band sealer Temperature Controller 

Cut out 72*72 mm 

Sensor input : Type J 

220 vac 

Single NO output 

Analoge  control 

Plastic body 


Beeco Warranty cover : 1 year repair warranty { not valid if product found fire burnt or damaged }


Additional information

Weight 1 kg

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