Band Sealer Teflon belt 770 mm , T 1


Band Sealer, designed with a circumference of 770 mm and a T1 configuration, is a specialized component crafted to enhance packaging processes. Emphasizing quality, this belt is categorized as CLASS B, tailored for applications requiring usage of up to 2 hours per day.

Engineered to meticulous standards, the Teflon belt ensures the seamless movement of packaging materials within the band sealer. Its T1 design optimizes traction, securing packages for consistent and reliable seals. The Teflon material not only bolsters durability but also offers superior heat resistance and reduced friction, crucial for preventing overheating during extended usage.

Catering to businesses with intermittent packaging demands, the Teflon Belt for Band Sealer (770 mm, T1) provides a dependable and efficient solution. The CLASS B quality classification underscores its suitability for scenarios with limited daily use, ensuring that packaging operations remain productive and efficient while upholding high-quality results.


 Band sealer  

Teflon belt  for band sealer 

Dimension : 770 mm circumference

Quality : CLASS B { specifically for use less than 2 hours a day }  

Additional information

Weight .5 kg

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