Band Sealer Speed Relay 8 pin


8-Pin Speed Relay designed for Band Sealer Speed Control is a vital component that enables precise speed regulation in packaging operations. Classified as medium quality, this relay serves as a crucial part of the speed control system in the band sealer setup.

The 8-pin relay facilitates the control of the motor’s speed by regulating the electrical signals that determine the motor’s operation. Its medium quality classification strikes a balance between performance and cost-effectiveness, making it suitable for a variety of packaging applications.

This product comes with a 6-month warranty for replacement, underscoring the manufacturer’s commitment to product quality. It’s important to note that the warranty won’t apply if the relay is found to be burst or physically damaged, highlighting the significance of proper usage and maintenance.

The 8-Pin Speed Relay exemplifies the importance of precision and reliability in packaging processes. By contributing to the control of the band sealer’s speed, it ensures consistent and accurate packaging results, aligning with the modern standards of efficiency and accuracy in the packaging industry.




Quality : Medium 

warranty : 6 months replacement { not valid if found burst or any physical damage } 

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Weight 1 kg

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